Treatment procedure

Consultation and diagnosis
The aim of the initial appointment is to establish the problem and find out what you'd like us to do. Then we examine your mouth, take X-rays and take your medical history, on the basis of which we can see whether you'll be suitable for implants and what the course of treatment will be. We also give you an option for dentures so that you can make an informed choice of the best treatment procedure for you.
Before starting the implant procedure, any existing dental problems must be treated.
Surgical procedure
The screw is inserted using a local anaesthetic, and is completely painless. Any pain occurring after the anaesthetic wears off is no greater than you would expect after an extraction, and can be relieved using standard painkillers.
The time needed for the implant to settle is typically 3 to 6 months, depending on the location of the implant (lower jaw approx. 3 months, upper jaw approx. 6 months). Other procedures will also be necessary, both to prepare the implant location, such as raising the base of the maxillary sinus, and to rebuild bone, and these will extend the treatment time.  
While the implant is settling, you'll be provided with a temporary denture which will allow you to function until the final procedure of inserting the replacement teeth.
Prosthetic reconstruction
Once the implant has settled into the bone, we carry out the final reconstruction. In order to achieve the best cosmetic effect possible, we often use crowns or temporary bridges before the final work, so that the soft tissue around the implants grows into place properly. This is particularly the case in missing front teeth, where appearance is of key importance.